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Boy George is a Psycho


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Boy George 'chained male escort'

Boy George denies a single charge of false imprisonment

Singer Boy George chained a male escort to his bedroom wall and beat him with a metal chain after accusing him of hacking into his laptop, jurors heard.

The former Culture Club star handcuffed Audun Carlsen in his home in Shoreditch, east London, in April last year, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

The singer, real name George O'Dowd, made contact with Mr Carlsen, 29, on the social networking website Gaydar.

Mr O'Dowd, 46, who is now a DJ, denies unlawfully detaining Mr Carlsen.

Boxer shorts

During the attack, Mr Carlsen was beckoned into the singer's bedroom only to discover a second unidentified man was waiting for him, the court heard.

"As soon as I saw the other guy they were both jumping on me. They held me down and beat me. I could not move.

I was so scared - I managed to get loose and I started running

Audun Carlsen

"They pulled me down on to the floor and they were sitting on top of me. The other man didn't beat me he just helped George to hold me down.

"George was slapping me and beating me and punching me and screaming things."

Mr Carlsen told the court that he was dragged along the floor towards the bed and a handcuff was put on his right hand. The manacle was attached to a hook drilled into the wall by the bed.

He eventually managed to free himself from the restraints and began his escape.

He said: "I was so scared. I managed to get loose and I started running. He tried to stop me but I ran for the front door.

"I took a bit of time getting the door open and he had a metal chain that he was hitting me with."

He fled the singer's home in just his boxer shorts, trainers and a pair of handcuffs, jurors heard.

Mr Carlsen ran to a local newsagents shop at about 0730 GMT in a state of fear, and the shopkeeper called the police, the court was told.

'Bizarre e-mails'

The police later photographed welts on Mr Carlsen's arm where the handcuffs had been. The fire brigade had to be called to cut the cuffs off.

Mr Carlsen denied the incident was a sex game and said he would never agree to be chained up.

The court heard the alleged attack took place during a second meeting between Mr O'Dowd and Mr Carlsen.

In the first meeting the pair arranged a pornographic photo shoot during which they took cocaine and Mr O'Dowd performed a sex act on the escort.

Jurors were told that Mr O'Dowd believed his computers at home had been tampered with and he accused Mr Carlsen of being involved.

But they parted on good terms and the singer paid the younger man £300 of the £400 they had agreed.

In the months after the meeting Mr O'Dowd and Mr Carlsen e-mailed each other through the Gaydar site - Mr Carlsen describing many of the e-mails as "bizarre".

The singer allegedly ranted about repeated attempts to hack into his system and claimed "a fixated lesbian" had cloned his machine and was operating it remotely from the United States.

Mr Carlsen eventually agreed to a second meeting because Mr O'Dowd had apologised for the tone of his earlier e-mails and his behaviour.

The trial continues.


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