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Sci Fi Spectacular at the NAC


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bouche and I are going to the Sci Fi Spectacular at the NAC this Friday.

Jack Everly, conductor

George Takei, narrator

Kristen Plumley, soprano

Mike Eldred, vocalist

The Ewashko Singers

Laurence Ewashko, director

Jack Everly and George Takei (aka Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu) boldly take you to where no orchestra has gone before – with John Williams’ film music from Star Wars, Superman, E.T., and Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone, plus great sci-fi and fantasy movie soundtracks including the main theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Commence geek jokes..... NOW!

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Sharon, how awesome is this: I just bought tix for Dave & Cass this morning, so I hope you guys run into each other! (I'm not 'nerdy' enough to warrant my own ticket, alas!)

The dude at the box office said people dress up for the event...so keep your eyes out for a Hans Solo and Princess Amadala, both with battery-powered light sabres I might add!! (I know, I know...but don't hassle them on the impossible temporal anomalies this represents, okay ;-) )

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If I wasn't hopping on a plane in the morning I woulda been going to this show. They should totally have me doing the big screens for the show tonight - I've done all those tunes with the orchestra over the years and the shows are way more entertaining with the big screens (or so I suppose).

I just heard George Takei on Q. Wow, does that guy have a voice.

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That was a pretty cool event. There were a number of super nerds dressed up as various star wars characters. Darth Vader won the prize in my book. The dude was about 7 feet tall. I saw him walking in the crowd when the lights flickered to signal the start of the performance and he stopped and held his arms in the air using the force to control the lights. haha. it was brilliant.

Hearing the Star Wars theme played live was AMAZING! If you are a star wars fan, you absolutely have to see John Williams most famous score played live.

They also played the Dueling Fates (from phantom) and the final throne room theme as well to finish the show. Fitting, I know.

The other theme that really gave me shivers was the theme to Star Trek Voyager. That's a wonderful piece of music. We also heard the Close Encounters theme and E.T. which are both fantastic John williams pieces.

I love orchestra!

thanks ms.hux!

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