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Rogers reaches deal with TSN2


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Rogers reaches deal with TSN2

May 17, 2009 04:11 PM

Chris Zelkovich

Sports Reporter

The long battle between Rogers Cable and TSN is over, meaning Toronto Blue Jays fans with digital boxes will be able to watch this week's series against the Boston Red Sox starting Tuesday.

The two sides came to an agreement this afternoon after nine months of negotiations over TSN2, the digital sports channel that launched last August.

Blue Jays fans had been panicking since the team announced earlier this month that the crucial series against Boston and two other games not scheduled for regular television coverage had been sold to TSN2.

Had that deal not been made, those with digital boxes could have seen the Boston-produced game broadcasts on the Rogers preview channel.

But since no deal to carry TSN2 was in place, only those with the Rogers sports package would have been able to see those games.

The two sides had been at loggerheads since TSN2 launched, depriving Rogers subscribers of watching 24 Toronto Raptors games, plus several auto races and tennis tournaments. Most other cable companies and both satellite services in the country have been carrying TSN2 for months.

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A big "thank you" to the Toronto Blue Jays for this great start.

I am sure I will appreciate it even more come next hockey season when RDSHD kicks in.

So true... had they started off slow, this would not have kicked in so quickly, or ever... Rogers finally had a bargaining tool of value (BJ's games) to offer back to Bell / TSN I am assuming.

Either way, good stuff!

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