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Favourite Summer Discs


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Thanks! Looking for suggestions as I find I keep going back to the same old stuff: Grateful Dead, Gov't Mule, The Stones.

I definitely like to match the music to the season. It just doesn't feel right sitting on the patio listening to Genesis, you know?

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I can't listen to Bob Marley at any other time, than when the sun is shining bright. It just seems to suit a sunny day.

The Dead and summer for me is a natural fit as well. I guess it's the lazy, informalness of it.

I enjoy the cheese of classic rock and bands like Wings, Peter Frampton, etc. more in the summer as well.

Oh and when I am just hanging outside by the pool with adrink in my hand, I like to put on Cuban music as well. Very tropical.

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On Friday while lounging on the deck, the playlist consisted of:

MGMT Oracular Spectacular

Vampire Weekend- s/t

Joel Plaskett- first 2 cds of Three

Paul Simon- Live in Central Park

Grateful Dead- 11.11.73 Winterland

Selections from The Basement Tapes

Fruit Bats- Ruminant Band

Dr Dog- Fate

Then took the party inside for some double whiskey cokes and no ice- Hold Steady

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