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Mediterranean Adventure


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Erin and I are taking off at the end of the month for a food and wine themed cruise around southern France and Italy.

I'm pretty excited and can't wait to experience some great cities, culture, food & wine!

Has anyone ever been to the area? Is there anything you think I should not miss? Restaurants and wine recommendations are welcome as well as things to do and see in the area.

Stops include Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Sanary-Sur-Mer, Corsisca, Portovenere, Elba and Rome. Most of these stops are just for the day, with the exception of Nice/Monaco and Rome where I'm spending a couple nights.

I haven't been to any of these places, but I'm excited to check them out. Any and all advise is welcomed.

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Sounds like a great trip!

I've been to Nice, Monaco and Rome and they are all amazing places.

All I can say is when you are in Nice go to any bakery early in the morning and it will be the best smell of your life!

Oh and bring a blanket (or two) to the beach because it's all rocks.

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I'm back and I must say that was probably my favourite trip I have ever done.

I won't get in to it all now, but every aspect exceeded my expectations, by far.

If anyone ever gets the chance to cruise on The Yachts of Seabourn, I would highly recommend it. My definition of luxury has been forever changed.

The boat was crazy nice, the weather was perfect, all the places we visited along the Med were beautiful and unique- from the opulence of Monte Carlo and Cannes to the rustic charm of Corsica and Portovenere and the straight up awesomeness that is Rome. Amazing.

I even met a couple of Phishheads to party with on board. What are the odds of that? We toasted to "Fluffhead" with Dom and caviar and later taught a bunch of Belgians how to shot gun cans of Becks off the back of the boat. Amazing times.

Oh yeah, we had our luggage back by midnight, the day we arrived.

I'll get in to the food a little more when I have some more time. I just have to get caught up with work.


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Every meal on board the boat was amazing.

I'm not sure which was my favourite, but I'll write about a friend's 40th birthday meal.

We met a bunch of Belgian dudes on board- two brothers and a cousin. The cousin, Phillip, is a champagne distributor. Really knows his stuff.

Phillip had brought a selection of his favourite champagnes on board to celebrate his b-day. I knew very little about champagne up to this point but I learned a ton. Phillip had met with the chef the day before his birthday to plan his meal around the champagne selections. Erin and I were lucky enough to have made friends early and were the only people invited, other then the three Belgian dudes.

So the meal started with a bottle of 1998 Dom (it got better from there) and caviar atop a twice baked potato with boiled egg chopped through out. Nice.

Next up was a '95 Krug (some kind of reserve- amazing!!!) paired with a huge piece of fois gras (probably 3oz each) with a Sautern glaze. epic. The pairing was magic. The champagne tasted great on it's own, but when you combined it with the fois gras...damn.

This was proceeded by a duo of King crab legs and lobster tail poached in a court bouillon. Paired with a 98 Moet Chandon Grand Dame. I love lobster and crab and I sometimes wonder which I prefer. It was nice not to have to choose.

The main course followed which was poached Turbot and seared John Dorie with a Krug champagne sauce over a bed of black lentils.

This, upon hearing, had me the least excited but, boy, was I wrong. Hands down my favourite dish of the night. The flavours were so subtle and amazing. Each bite had me wanting to make it last all night. This was again paired with another bottle of that same Krug- the birthday boy's favourite.

Then it was on to desserts, yes plural. Chocolate and berry souffle, followed by crepe suzette, prepared table side. This was paired with a rose moet and followed by some cognac and espresso.

Holy shit, that was a good night.

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