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The Whole Genderless Baby Thing

Hal Johnson

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The bus driver smiled at me, my three children, the snacks that were rolling in all directions and the grocery bags hung too heavy on the back of the stroller. As always, he said, “You got everyone?†Then he added, “I haven't seen you this week!†I was so relieved. “I'm glad to hear that,†I said.

That's as far as I read, warmed my cockles.

The kids name is Storm. Obviously a boy.

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When I was little I was amazed that women had the monopoly on carrying purses. My mom had everything in her purse, and I couldn't believe that men didn't have purses of their own.

I totally wanted to carry a purse; thankfully my mom wouldn't let me. Phew!

I wish she was as vigilant when I started bringing a briefcase to school in grade 7.


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