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Joel Plaskett Emergency FREE in T.O, tonight


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Such a good show, Joel was awesome as always and now that he's got Pete Elkas in the Emergency it seems like everything is perfect.

The new song Lightning Bolt is fantastic!

Luminato Festival

Metro Square, Toronto

June 11, 2011

From the Back of the Film

Maybe We Should Just Go Home

Written All Over Me

Radio Fly

Deny Deny Deny

Happen Now

In the Blue Moonlight

You Let Me Down

Lightning Bolt

Rollin Rollin Rollin

You Came Along

Snowed In

Cruisin for a Bruisin

Face of the Earth

Work Out Fine

Through and Through and Through

Nowhere With You

Standing in the Shadows of Love (Four Tops cover)

Come on Teacher


On the Rail


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NewRider and Bones, thought I'd see you dudes at the Dakota!! :nhl:

I'm too old, too lazy and too cheap to travel d/t for music, whether the show is free or not.

If you are ever in Leaside DevO, then stop by my welding shop and say hello.

I don't venture too far from my neighborhood anymore.

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NW - Sorry we missed you too! I knew you were headed for the Titus Adronicus show that evening. We were a bit further back (as it was a big group) which made for lacklustre sound quality, I thought. Having Elkas on stage was a bonus for sure.

Bones - no worries, just bustin your balls! May have to wait 'til the next Radiohead show to see you. ;)

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