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Combined Brain Damage


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Reading the ticket stub thread reminded me of just how many shows/raves/events we've all attended. It also reminded me of the cumulative brain damage we represent as a community. Holy Fucking Shit! You can hear the cells popping like Jiffy Pop. I am seriously hoping for some miraculous developments in health technology (neurotransmitter regeneration anyone?). So who knows about this stuff. Do you actually lose brain cells, or is it more a matter of neurotransmitters, or free radicals and such? Free radicals are electron thiefs.

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I don't have any data but in my late teens I managed to figure out that you're likelyhood of getting burnt out is much more likely if you smoke week and watch the same TV shows every night than if you keep the mind busy...

I prefer acid to E as far as burnout goes but once again, a reasonably active mind is a healthy mind... (good luck finding doses anyways)

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PET images showed significant reductions in the number of serotonin transporters, the sites on neuron surfaces that reabsorb serotonin from the space between cells after it has completed its work. The lasting reduction of serotonin transporters occurred throughout the brain, and people who had used MDMA more often lost more serotonin transporters than those who had used the drug less... these findings support the conclusion that MDMA induced brain serotonin neurotoxicity may account for the persistent memory impairment found in MDMA users... Findings from another Johns Hopkins/NIMH study now suggest that MDMA use may lead to impairments in other cognitive functions besides memory, such as the ability to reason verbally or sustain attention. Researchers are continuing to examine the effects of chronic MDMA use on memory and other functions in which serotonin has been implicated, such as mood, impulse control, and sleep cycles.


The second article with the retraction about the 'mislabelling' of speed and E is interesting as well. It's funny they mentioned Parkinson's because that is a common fate that ravers think they will suffer from. It's sort of a way of putting a face to a faceless death- like Spinal Meningitis. Also as Michael J. Fox has taught us we just don't know what the complex genetic and environmental factors are that create the disease we know as Parkinson's. God help us science (but don't blow up the world in the process please science).

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Hey Kung.

Well... you know what? It's all a matter of brain cells... how much you drink and how much you drug.

You see, every drink of liquor or every dose of drugs we take kills a thousand brain cells... but that doesn't much matter, 'cause we got billions more. So... first the sadness cells die, so you smile real big. Then the quiet cells go... so you just say everything real loud for no reason at all. That's OK though... 'cause the stupid cells go next, so everything you say is real smart.

Finally come the memory cells, now these are tough sons of bitches to kill...


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Well as I'm dealing with the repercussions of this with my lady right now I'll give. Basically I got this kick ass job and St. Patty's Day turned into Yeah Job day which turned into Fryday (also known as a drinking binge). We went out for dinner to let's say a mutual acquaintances and I proceeded to get sloppy drunk alot more so than the wishy washies did. I basically misbehaved (loud, obnoxious, mildly amusing in an annoying kind of way, fiddling with the stereo etc.) I think they call it being drunk. Of course I didn't realize how annoying my behaviour was (also called being drunk). Anyways Tasha decided she didn't want to go to Dylan cause of the cost and it was basically agreed that I'd take her ticket and the person I was taking the ticket off of was present as we discussed this. Now maybe there was some miscommunication but I highly doubt it. So the next day Pete calls and is looking into travel plans and calls me back with bad news that this person has decided to do 'something else' with the ticket. I may be misunderstanding something but it seems pretty clear that dude didn't want to be around me the next day so gave the ticket away and never addressed any of it with me. Last I heard through the breeze 'I almost tore his sweater' when I jokingly shook him when everyone bailed on going to nero which had been the plan after dinner. Boo fucking hoo I almost tore his sweater. The thing that bugs me is that while we're not the best of friends we should be able to discuss this, but buddy's one of those can't handle confrontation types (also known as pussies) and this will just be water under the awkward bridge. Don't get me wrong I'm embarassed about my behaviour and apologized to our host, I feel bad that I was a nuisance and embarassed my girlfriend etc. but I don't think it should have cost me likely my last opportunity to see the Bard of the modern age in an intimate club setting.

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