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Marc Emery in trouble


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from NDPot.ca

Also at issue is the charge of 'trafficking marijuana'. Under current law,

simply passing or sharing a marijuana cigarette with a friend or loved one is

defined as 'drug trafficking'. This is a serious flaw in the current legal

system, one which has been raised repeatedly by the New Democratic Party in its

opposition to the current decriminalization legislation. Emery finds himself

ironically the victim of the laws which he is currently fighting to change, in

so far as his behaviour in sharing a marijuana cigarette with other individuals

has been characterized as 'trafficking' and this characterization has been used

to detain Emery in jail and deprive him of his normal rights and freedoms for

over thirty-six hours.

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Yeah he's not a great emerisarry for the cause I agree. Seems like a pompous ass who's obviously bright but fucking obsessed with pot- in a not good way. Pot saves the world, pot cures cancer, pot makes my mother's otherwise curly hair straight, pot is good on cereal (and lasagna).... we get it.

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yup get all your seeds and exotic plants from www.sacredseed.com its thc's seed and flower shop, located a few blocks south of thc on young st, they have seeds ranging in price from 10 for $40 up to $600, if that link doesn't work there is one at www.torontohemp.com

this place is good cause you can go and actually get the seeds in your hand,, no mail

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