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    Bluesfest rumours

    Run the Jewels - July 15 according to their website.
  2. AD


    Moon Hooch and Timber Timbre are my highlights after a brief skim of the listings... Been a while since I've seen the Roots, wonder if they're still good live and not on TV.
  3. AD

    Bluesfest rumours

    I've read that before somewhere
  4. AD

    Bluesfest rumours

    The Sun reported the lineup was supposed to be announced today but was pushed back 2 weeks. If that's true, then the lineup will be announced March 24.
  5. AD

    Netflix Picks

    The Last Man on Earth started this past week and it was interesting. The first episode was a double episode. I won't spoil it for anyone but I thought episode 1 was really great and showed a ton of promise, and then all that was spoiled by episode 2. Curious to hear what others think.
  6. Also same dates as Riotfest (Toronto). Will mean more bands / acts in the area that weekend, maybe not same demographic but who knows....
  7. AD

    Bluesfest rumours

    That link says Blue Rodeo is selling tickets for Bluesfest tomorrow. That's odd.
  8. It's a cool idea, I know some people who went to a Pixies listening party there and had a good time. Website for the normal listening parties presents actual rules for these things, but I don't see Junta on this page so maybe it's not part of the series proper or something. - http://www.thewellingtongastropub.com/wp-content/themes/Wellington/menus/recordclub.pdf
  9. The Wellington Gastropub in ottawa hosts record listening sessions once in a while and next Monday they're doing Junta. Apparently they have a high-end system and there are rules etc...
  10. Regardless, probably good to have another venue around and good to save that historic place. I didn't know much about it until reading those articles. Interesting history.
  11. Look at it on Streetview. There's absolutely no way it has a capacity larger than Roy Thomson Hall, Massey Hall, etc or venues even a quarter that size.
  12. Star article you posted says it's 3400 square feet. Doesn't seem all that big. Old article said that tearing down the building would make room for a 20-spot parking lot, to give an idea of the place's footprint.
  13. AD

    Bluesfest rumours

    I really doubt Def Leppard will be playing here twice in three months, especially if the Bluesfest lineup is due to be released before their Lansdowne show.
  14. AD

    Bluesfest rumours

    Foo Fighters have 3 days during Bluesfest unscheduled between Toronto and Camden. I'd bet heavily on that.
  15. I suspect nobody had to twist your arm too much to get you to that festival Sean.
  16. Lineup and details released today Wayhome.com
  17. Same dates as the Toronto Urban Roots Festival (TURF). Good for bookings / tour routing / sharing some artist costs.
  18. AD

    Juno Nominations 2015

    My picks as to who should win, keeping in mind I don't know the criteria. Fan choice - everyone except Arcade Fire is terrible, so them. Single - every song is terrible except the Sam Roberts song which isn't great but passable, so it. International Album - this is a dumb category Album of the Year - Ugh Artist of the Year - Ugh Group of the Year - Arkells should win. Mother Mother will win (ugh). Breakthrough Artist - all terrible. Breakthrough Group - Alvvays should win, but I fear Magic! will win because their song was massive) Country Album - Ugh Adult Alternative - Barr Bros should win, Bahamas will win. Alternative Album - Hot Dreams is a masterpiece that will lose to July Talk because they have hype. Ugh. Pop Album - Ugh. Rock Album - Arkells should win but they probably won't because Junos. Rap - No idea Dance - No idea R&B - No idea Electronic - Caribou's album is excellent. Hope it pulls through.
  19. AD

    Another Black Sheep?

    It's run by Neat Coffeeshop from Burnstown. So, kinda like the Black Sheep but with a nicer space, more ambition and higher budget. Looking forward to seeing shows there!
  20. What a crazy way to order tickets in 2015. It was out of date when I last mail-ordered Phish tickets in the late 90s. Maybe it levels the playing field, but it sure doesn't make things easy or inexpensive for the fans.
  21. His most recent polka medley.
  22. He also does pastiches (style parodies), polka medleys and a few originals too.
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