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  1. Hi everybody! Looking good in here. Anyhoo, I don't have everyone on the Facestalker so just to let everyone know, we welcomed a new member to our family on Thursday morn. Elliott James King was born 7lbs 12 oz, Everyone doing great.
  2. I know I don't call or write as much as I used to so here's a gift from me to you. You won't believe what you'll find.It'll just keep on giving. Enjoy and merry hoh0 Strictly MMJ The Treasury Homesite: Link
  3. Sisters Brothers - Patrick Dewitt - Best Book I read last year Michael Chabon - The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay,The Yiddish Policeman's Union or his new one Telegraph Ave - brilliant all
  4. 1. Father John Misty – Fear Fun – Once again, I don’t see my 2012 on anyone’s top ten, but if you want the album that did it to me, for me, the most this year, it’s this one from Josh Tillman, the drummer of perianal favorites the Fleet Foxes. Diverse, rich, rockin at times and soft the other, each song its own world, this one just got me right down to the gorgeous last track. Key tracks: Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings, Writing A Novel, O I Long To Feel Your Arms Around Me, Every Man Needs a Companion 2. Dr John – Locked Down – I have always loved the music of this man, and nev
  5. 1.Fruit Bats -Tripper – This album wins because in the end of the year playback, I like (nay, love almost) every song for completely different reasons. It's everything I want in music. Bouncy, groovy, jammy, spacey, every song a different bite. 2.Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues – Mystical, Spiritual, Harmonious Musicianship. True Composers and each song, wonderful complexities. 3.The Dodos – No Color – The spiritual heirs to the Dirty Projectors for me this year. Rhythmic, Quick Changes and Raw Energy. Love the drumming and acoustic on this. Lots of great songs. 4.Bon Iver – Bon Ive
  6. Looks like my birthday just got a whole lot more purple! London!
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