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  1. nero @ the Mansion, Shediac NB

    For those not in the know, the Mansion is not a bar, it's a mansion. A real live, 100 year old huge mansion (bigger than Graceland even). About 20 people helped with the load in, which was amazing, 'cuz the boys were playing in the third floor ballroom. The room would hold about 250 people - fireplace blazing, funky lights and a stage in the corner. The guys who look after the place only had a couple of days to promote the show so it wasn't as packed out as it could have been, but there was a good crowd anyway. nero went on at 11 and played a killer 75 minute set, and at setbreak we mingled around trying to get a bearing on the layout of the place. Very easy to get lost in there. Set II was easily an hour and a half, but unfortunately gremlins took a bite out of the Tascam and most of the set didn't get recorded.

    During the second set I stumbled around and found the portal to the basement. Y'see, I heard a rumour about this place...supposedly someone that was involved in developing the nuclear bomb lived here and did experiments in the basement. The guys that were watching the place had heard nothing about it but I wanted to see the place. At setbreak Jay and I went down there. It's a big high-ceilinged concrete room, and there was a small concrete room built in the corner. Through the door of the room there was another heavy steel door. I had to riff on the thing to open it. Conspiracy Fodder: The guys who own the mansion live in Europe and rarely visit the place. They make no money on it as far as I can see. They must use the mansion for something...

    In the room was a safe. Nobody knows what's in it. I say Jimmy Hoffa is in there, Jay guessed it was full of chocolate.

    Sorry, back to the show.

    nero played a killer third set, and debuted Peaches en Regalia. Very sweet. Another couple of hours of constant boogieing by a whole room of beautiful people. Very sweet indeed. They finally stopped around 4:30, playing at least four and a half hours of music over the three sets. You'd think we'd all be tired by then, but that's a whole pile of other stories.

    Next day off to Charlottetown., 'cross that beeeeg mudderfuggin' bridge. Yee-Ha!

  2. Yeah, just had Ben Ben (which means "stupid stupid" in Chinese) last week. Very tasty, but if you don't know So Good, well, you just don't know. Take it from one who lives in the 'hood, ain't no eatin' like eatin' So Good.

    And a very happy birth anniversary to the gentlest of monkeys, Monsuer Gentlemonkey.

  3. Back to Freeway...Bo and Mike both moved to Toronto and were playing together under a bunch of names (Fear & Loathing was one) and Dom (the drummer) eventually moved to Toronto too, though I don't think they play together. I'm not sure if Bo and Mike still play together or not, but one thing's for sure, Freeway rocked and there were few things as fun as going to one of their shows and hangin' with all the people that you'd see exclusively at Freeway shows.

  4. Cool Ossie picture.

    Okay, gotta sound off fer just a second...

    The four of us headed to Barrymore's after a few beers and things at home. We got there and stood outside having a smoke before going in. To kill time I poked my head in the door. Here is the conversation that ensued:

    Me: You guys still charging a cover? (it was about 12:30 or so)

    Big Fat Door Prick: Yeah.

    Me: Are they between sets or has the last set already started?

    BFDP: They're between sets.

    Guy Standing Behind Me On The Stairs: They're playing three sets tonight.

    Me (to BFDP): Are they on their first or second set break?

    BFDP: They're between sets.

    Me (to GSBMOTS): You seem to know what's going on, what set break are they on?

    GSBMOTS: First, two sets to go.

    Me (to both): Cool, thanks guys.

    So I go out and join my friends, they finish their smokes and we walk through the door, $5 bills in hand. The Big Fat Door Prick immediately says we're too drunk and he's not letting us in. I wasn't too drunk, and neither were my friends, and he wouldn't have been able to tell if my friends were drunk 'cuz honestly they weren't even through the door yet! I'm convinced he was pissed 'cuz I said to the other guy "you know what's going on," though I certainly didn't mean to insult anybody. What pisses me off most is that this moron arbitrarily decided to cheat Chickenhead out of our collective $20 cover. Plus the fact that we were meeting folks in there. I mean, really, too drunk for Chickenhead! It's like getting kicked out of Guns n Roses for doing too much drugs.

    Ps Thanks GM for the nice comment re bob loblaw

  5. In a misguided attempt to become 'hip', local man Aaron Parrfer shaved his head and began attending what he calls 'Fish shows' at a nearby lake. This shot shows Mr. Parrfer finally meeting one of his heroes. "His name is Fish Man, and I'm hoping one day to meet my favorite Fish, Crey." Local police have since arrested Mr. Parrfer for suspicion of drug use and for simply being an idiot.

  6. Hey Giggles, here's some quotes you might like:

    "I like to play with people who can play simple and are not threatened by other musicians thinking they can't play. And that eliminates 99% of the musicians."

    -Neil Young

    "Music is a yoga, something you really do when you are doing it. Thinking about what it means comes after the fact and isn't very interesting."

    -Jerry Garcia

    "When you hear somebody making music, they are bearing a naked part of their soul to you."

    -Jimi Hendrix

  7. Sorry, but I gotta make one more point. Music is not a gift, unless working every day for your whole life to achieve what is ultimately unachievable and dying without getting there (I will dispel all arguments that any true musician ever felt like he was done learning music) is a gift. To look at a great musician and say that they are gifted, or worse, born to play, discounts all the work that person did to get where they are. Coltrane practised scales four hours a day, then he practised music. Gifted? Dedicated.

    That being said, I think you were actually saying that music is a gift to the world. Okay. But the givers of the gift sacrifice their lives to provide the bounty.

    I think music is magic. Real magic. No coincidence that as a child I always confused the words magician and musician. I still wonder why I confused alligator and escalator, but I still don't go near the things.

  8. Boy, does this guy piss me off. What's the problem buddy, having a hard time finding a gig. The world needs less jazz musicians. Right!

    "Play and write your own music based on your experience."

    "Giants like Coltrane, Mingus, Miles, Ornette, Jaco etc. worked hard to develop their own unique pathway to the divine."

    Ok Bob, whattya got to say about, oh I dunno, Jaco covering Charlie Parkers 'Donna Lee' for the first track on his debut album? Or Coltrane doing 'My Favorite Things'? Or what about the fact that the entire bebop movement (Parker, Monk, 'Trane, Miles, etc.) consisted of writing new melodies over old songs and retitling them and calling them their own?

    There are no virgin births, everything comes from something. Does Bob have a problem that Mingus was inspired by Bach (and learned lots of his lines), a player he never met, heard live, or came close to, talent wise?

    "A person's life is not a flavor to be tried and not a place one can come and go from. Your life is

    your music. It can only be lived by the person

    living it...Because you like something doesn't make it yours."


    "Join an R&B or Gospel group...Join a reggae band with Jamaicans..."

    Something seem funny there to you? Oh, I could go on and on, but I'm as two-finger typist.

    Although I do agree with this, single point:

    "..keep Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, John Coltrane or any other great spirits separate from your names and off your posters and advertisements."

    though I bet Bob Moses doesn't hide the fact that he played with Mingus on his press releases.

  9. Brad, I think my point is ultimately that it shouldn't come to semantics. You wanna play it, play it. My problem with the guy who wrote the letter is that he says don't steal this, and they didn't steal nothin', while at the same time saying, go learn the music, learn how to play other styles. I say he should shut up and make albums, and let the rest of the world do the same. If I wanna release a Mingus tribute album 'cuz I'm a fan and I like to play his music, then don't buy it, that's all. (Parker playing Cole Porter tunes was a pretty big album) The collective musical world doesn't need a lesson in ethics from anybody, especially a jazz musician.

    And, though I'm a huge, and I mean huge fan, Charlie Parker was an asshole who did nothing to help out other musicians. When people wanted to sit in with him he would give the band the secret code to launch into playing changes that were impossible to follow, making the guest look like a fool. Plus he inspired many to take up heroin. And as far as copycats go, I'll say again that Parker's Ornithology is How High the Moon with a different melody, Donna Lee is Just Friends with a different melody, etc etc etc.

    Anybody wanna attack me for saying Bird was a dick? C'mon over, we'll put on some records, play some changes and talk.

  10. Interesting...My mom was an Elvis freak (was that why I made the pilgrimage to Graceland this summer?) while my dad listened wxclusively to truck-drivin' music (Betcha didn't even know that was a genre - Teddy Bear, Phantom 409, Hello I'm a Truck etc.etc.etc), so as a kid I got my I-IV-V's well ingrained.

    The first album (yes, album) I remember buying was Billy Joel's Glass Houses, which I still think is a pretty good record, but THE album that changed my world: Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. It's still one of my favorite musical collections. All the lyrics are by Shel Silverstein. Every song is about sex and/or drugs and I knew the album by heart when I was nine (though I had no clue what 'Pennicillin Penny' or 'Acapulco Goldie' were referring to). They even played that year at the Moncton Coliseum but my mom wouldn't let me go. Wonder why not?

  11. Okay, kinda bored, thought I'd throw out a topic at y'all.

    Here's the scenario: aliens without ears are about to blow up the earth, but you have miraculously been spared. Not only that, they're gonna take you back to their planet! Turns out though that they have no music, so they'll let you bring a discman and five, count 'em, five cd's.

    What're you gonna bring?

    here's my list:

    -Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier by G Gould (Bach was an alien anyway)

    -Picture of Nectar

    -Charles Mingus Anthology

    -Nevermind by Nirvana

    -Ween's live one, Painting the Town Brown.

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