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  1. GARAJ MAHAL 2007 Independent Music Awards Winner When you hear your first Garaj Mahal note, leading into an innovative fusion of funky jazz with a tasty world music flare, all other thoughts leave your mind as the music takes you on an unforgettable voyage. Fans return to experience the band again and again because they know they will always hear something new and progressive from these four first-class musicians. Featuring guitar and sitar virtuoso Fareed Haque, world-renowned bass master and educator Kai Eckhardt, gospel-inspired funky jazz keyboardist Eric Levy, and consistently in-the-po
  2. It’s an early announcement however the word is out and there’s a bit of a buzz so it’s only fair this community is in the loop. Plus now everyone has another show to look forward to, and a killer option for Halloween, for three nights. Jambands.Ca, Clearwater Concerts Canada, PJC, and NuFunk Concerts present Halloween 2008! note: Toronto is tentative at the time of this post, venue TBA….people have heard otherwise so I wanted to make it clear. The plan is for Garaj Mahal to kick off the festivities in Toronto for Devils Night…NuFunk styles. The deal is ready to confirm and we just
  3. seems to be a pretty good buzz around Hamilton. Surprised not much attention around here. Weak...
  4. Bobby Lee Rodgers & The CodeTalkers back in Hamilton! Wednesday July 9th, 2008 Pepper Jack’s 38 King William St. Hamilton http://www.pepperjackcafe.com Admission: $10/12 Time: 10pm Bobby Lee Rodgers & The CodeTalkers. http://www.thecodetalkers.com/ . Blows up around the 5 minute mark.and "Galaxy Girl" video
  5. Was told yes there is an early set - 9pm. On my way now...
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