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in my best Comic-BookStore Guy impersonation:

"Worst replica ever."

What the hell is up with that guitar?

Purple T-Shirt and black pants?

shouldnt it be the other way around?

The pose is awful, there are no cigarette burns in his shirt, and with the 'touch of grey' he has shouldnt there also be a belly?

I dont remember Jer wwearing glasses like those either, not in the era they are trying to portray him in anyways......

None the less, I will end up buying it cause I am sucker for commercialistic rip-offs. Anyone seen that Gund Jerry I have.....now that is sweet.

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Y'all forgot to start your sentances with "I don't mean to be picky, but..."

Did you forget that it is a doll, action figure, toy, plastic "likeness"?

Are you telling me that the captain picard figure was accurate? I mean, the REAL captain picard didn't have a hole in his foot so stick to a plastic nib.

I don't think Jim morrison was ever that buff either.

They're not going to design a fat out of shape old man action figure.

I thinks it's pretty neato. Like you're not going to buy it! Like it won't look good on your television!

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All I have to say Mike is we expect more out of McFarlane

Austin Powers figures?


Bob and Doug?

Those were wicked. This one was obviously done with a little too much of Deborahs Koons influence if you ask me. Money for the 'Estate' but no regards for thought.

-I found out I can make money selling my prescriptions to Deadheads-......something along those lines.

But you know I am going to buy it......

you know your a deadhead when!

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