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Too bad the youse guys didn't hit the SPAC eh?


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Now that's a setlist I can look at and go "holy fuck"

Set 1:

Jam >

Shakedown >

Wheel Jam,

Music Never Stopped*>

Good Lovin'*,

Low Spark >

Tenessee Jed,

Tons Of Steel

*with Bob Weir

Ratdog (setlist) and

Disco Biscuits Opened

Set 2:

Viola Lee Blues >

Mars Jam >

Viola Lee Blues >

Sugaree >

Viola Lee Blues >

Mtn Jam >

Duprees Diamond Bls,

Night Of A Thousand Stars > Space Jam >

Lucy In The Sky >

Masons Children,

The Wheel >

Other One Coda >

Cryptical Coda >

Wheel Reprise >

! - Sugaree Reprise - !

E: Casey Jones

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You guys rave about the setlist for every Phil show but here would be one that looks good to me.

Phil & Friends 7.21.01 The Meadows - Hartford, CT

Set 2:

Jam > Dear Mr. Fantasy , St. Stephen > Eyes > St Stephen > Help > Slipknot! > The Eleven > Slipknot! > Franklins Tower

E: Built To Last

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