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Auberge des Rapides~!


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I remember pelting Grum with snowballs.....

And the smoke show at midnight in a smoke-machined room with the sounds of Sugar Magnolia busting out at the stroke of midnight....getting a cab was tough..and the unknown deadhead that decided to join our snowball fight getting drilled in the face ala Dumb and Dumber from point-blank range...if you are reading this unknown deadhead, I didnt mean to hit you there but you ran straight at me and into the snowball....and the later night feast back at Dave Andrews place was needed after a LONG night of partying.....I thought that was the 96/97 New Years.....

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I actually performed at the first Auberge party, newyears 1984. It was a magical night. I blew the crowd away but for some reason was never invited back...

back then my routine included:

-forcing full hams down my throat, (through out the show, I would digest, re-produce the intact ham and feed it to willing participants, usually I'd have to force feed)

-eating glass cookie jars filled with human hair

-breakdancing to the latest tito jackson tune

-spinning on my back (6 ft in the air) with my penis attached to the ceiling fan

-I'd sing lounge versions of yesterday, nowhere man, norweigan wood, and all my favorite Beatle songs, while lying seductively nude in a pile of thumbtacks

aaaah the good ole days.. frown.gif" border="0

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YES!! I spent a couple of (VERY) fucked up new years and halloweens at the auberge.. We were going to try and put a newyears show on there last year, but it was too late and the place seems even more dumpy than I remember it.

I have one very special memory..

New years, 1996? maybe 95?

Me and all my crew.. had one big table, enjoying the sounds of Bob Loblaw.. at midnight, every one in the room sparked up, (must've been 400+ people), then the clown appeared with a silver platter littered with sugar cubes. tongue.gif" border="0 Several friends didn't yet fully understand the premise of random doses- ESPECIALLY in homemade cubes. and a couple learned, the hard way, coming back to reality in their underwear in a hull jail cell..

anybody else have any fun memories.. freeway band was sweet too, never saw them live, but the guitar player/singer has a new band called the Formula, fun stuff, they play some freeway, worth checking out.

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Ah! Sugarcubes!!!! I remember it well...uh, maybe not so well! Naked hitch-hikers making their way back to Ottawa. It's too bad the tradition didn't keep on. I played at the last Auberge Halloween show. It was still fun, but not like the others. Not nearly as many people. Music Never Stopped decided not to play, Spruce didn't play. A lot of the regulars decided they didn't want to trek to the shack. We did get ChickenHead though!

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