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hello canadians!


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So I finally managed to sign up for the sanctuary!

To all of you I met and partied with this weekend... Hola! i look forward to seeing ya'll again soon, especially my pool buddies!

what an awesome night! one of the best, especially for an indoor show!

hope to see ya'll at nero in TO on 12/20, it's my birthday!!! woo-hoo!

love and peace,


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Welcome aboard, Karin. You're in MI but coming to T.O. for Christmas or just Nero? Have you seen Nero before? If not, bring extra socks; the ones you'll be wearing when you walk in will be blown off soon after the boyz hit the stage. I'm hoping to be there, taping rig in hand, and my first time at the Rivoli to boot. It's gonna be a blast!



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oh yeah!!!!

more chicks in the sanctuary!!!


how's it going karin? i think it's would have been a pretty shitty ride home from indy (weather-wise)

you know what sucks? i got an extension on my paper and it doesn't have to be in until wednesday!!! we could have gone...oh well

cya soon hun

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Heyyy Karin,

What's up! It's your birthday eh. great that'll be fun. Yeah, bring extra socks. Good call brad.

I bet the pool party was fun, but I can't for the life of me remember enough to make that claim. I've been informed by schwa that i was doing cannonballs into the hot tub?! Oops!

See you soon then.


keri G

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Karin!!! Great to see ya here. Can't wait for the next one.

OTHER ONES FUCKIN RULED. I am pretty glad we didn't set off for Indy. I am still having trouble getting over that damn pool party [Wink] All i remember is sitting(or standing) with the misner brothers and watching that one guy floating in the pool like he was dead......and then he popped up. whew. I know i was down there for a while but for how long i cant say. i'm pretty sure backbacon did a jump in the hhottub. hehe.

Heard coming from room 211 at around 12 when everyone was getting up: "Man, that was one crazy night, i feel like Cargo on the toilet!" Nuff said [big Grin]

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hey karin! great to see you finally got on here sister!

i'm coming home a week from today so we'll have to get things fired up. hope school's treating you well... i heard you met my sister! anyway looking for ward to having a sweet 4-week holiday. see you soon!

love meg [Razz]

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