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Stuck at work


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The wine is flowing in here.

As I told you earlier Dave-O, I am staying away from that evil truth potion. Things could get ugly............

None the less, everyone is in great spirits and it is fun to see some of the kids with their folks, and grandfolks.

I just watched one kid puke!

Shades of NYE danced in my eyes.

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Just returned from work. Interesting night i must say. Maybe because it was Christmas and the powers that be decided to make things interesting. I had to evict a Prostitute and her dude because of excessive "sex sounds coming from the room next door." as the complainer put it. i diligently investigated and sure enough, there was a fucking porno going on inside. The woman was screaming shit i haven't heard since i lost my Satellite dish service and when i knocked to ask them to keep down the noise (at 6:30 in the morn i might add) They proceeded to tell me to "fuck right off asshole!!"

OUT YA GO! Funny as hell!

Being a hotel manager, i have been trying to return some of the good karma that came my way after the Other Ones show in Detroit, but this was the proverbial straw. -

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