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nero NYE poster


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Guest Low Roller

Is there any way we can just sign off to get one, and just pick it up at a later date? Knowing me, I'll probably be using it as a pillow before the night is through, and it's hard to frame a pillow [smile]

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yo velvet,

I managed to take the signed and numbered ones with me at the end of the night.

email me bouche@jambands.ca and I can drop them off to you.

I know there were a few folks that were going to buy them from you later. Donovan, Jordan...among a few others.

I hope you didn't lose Gord's package!

Vermont Dave, there's one here for you too bro!

I also have one from a dude that had an afro and had a real "holiday glow" at the end of the night....anyone know Jon Edwards-Davies?

Also I have Low Roller, Giggles, Canned Beats, and Arcane's posters here.

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