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Dick's Picks, Volume 31


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Another post to make Andre happy:


Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia, PA ~ Aug. 4 & 5, 1974

Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ ~ Aug. 6, 1974


Jerry Garcia Lead Guitar, Vocals

Donna Jean Godchaux Vocals

Keith Godchaux Piano

Bill Kreutzmann Drums

Phil Lesh Electric Bass, Vocals

Bob Weir Rhythm Guitar, Vocals



1 Playing In The Band 25:50 Weir, Hart, Hunter

2 Scarlet Begonias 12:01 Garcia, Hunter

3 Jack Straw 5:27 Weir, Hunter

4 Peggy-O 6:47 Trad Arr. by Grateful Dead

5 Me & Bobby McGee 5:34 Kristofferson, Foster

6 China Cat Sunflower 11:13 Garcia, Hunter

7 I Know You Rider 5:22 Trad. Arr. by Grateful Dead

8 Around and Around 5:08 Berry


1 Ship of Fools 7:00 Garcia, Hunter

2 Loose Lucy 5:32 Garcia, Hunter

3 Weather Report Suite 14:57

Prelude 1:20 Weir

Part I 4:20 Weir, Andersen

Part II ( Let It Grow) 9:16 Weir, Barlow

4 Jam 9:25 Grateful Dead

5 Wharf Rat 11:21 Garcia, Hunter

6 U.S. Blues 6:32 Garcia, Hunter

7 Sugar Magnolia 10:42 Weir, Hunter

8 Casey Jones 6:26 Garcia, Hunter


1 Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo 8:30 Garcia, Hunter

2 It Must Have Been The Roses 5:53 Garcia, Hunter

3 Big River 5:17 Cash

4 He's Gone 13:12 Garcia, Hunter

5 Truckin' 9:46 Garcia,Lesh,Weir,Hunter

6 Jam 8:16 Grateful Dead

7 Other One Jam 2:30 Weir, Kreutzmann

8 Space 10:25 Garcia, Lesh, Weir

9 Stella Blue 9:36 Garcia, Hunter

10 One More Saturday Night 4:58 Weir


1 Eyes Of The World 19:28 Garcia, Hunter

2 Playing In The Band 22:37 Weir, Hart, Hunter

3 Scarlet Begonias 9:25 Garcia, Hunter

4 Playing In The Band 5:04 Weir, Hart, Hunter

5 Uncle John's Band 10:44 Garcia, Hunter


Sounds pretty fuckin' good to me...

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Does anyone else get the feeling with the recent DP releases, that the Dead are figuring they had better cash in on selling this stuff while they can.

It seems as though with the iTunes announcement, that more and more DP are coming. Maybe the Dead trying to make sure they sell what they can while the getting is good. Maybe there is something along the lines of Live Phish in the works for the Dead.

Seems 'fishy',


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i just got those 2 shows on SBD format from BiTorrent...

i rally don't see the point of spending $50 on DP when you can get soooo much Dead for free.....plus many of the hardcores seeding these torrents are putting the shows through a "mastering" process (ie. bertha), and producing great sounding shows.

I pay about .30 cents a blank so....

90 cents vs. $50 - you decide.

i love the vault releases, just can't bring myself to pay that much...

the sound on msg 9/19/87' that i posted easily rivals any dick's release.

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Ironically, I can't get on this site at the mo, but check out gdlive.com, it has more shows then you know what to do with, and it is shn, which I can even download, if u need help, just ask... and it is virtually free... found some ridiculous shows on that site... my fav at the mo, is 4-14 -72...Copenhagen. ::

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I was able to grab all three shows (10 discs) they used to make DP 31, in one torrent (3 gigs).There was a BT thread in the torrent forum but it went with all my other info.

Awesome shows thats for sure,great call for this DP.

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"the sound on msg 9/19/87' that i posted easily rivals any dick's release."

Jon, did you get the 18th as well?

I remember that show on tape, and I had to grab it. If it is as good as I think I remember, and the 19th is as strong as you say, look out MSG for those 2 shows. Holy smokes.

Getting back to that whole Cover Song thread, Jerry sang La Bamba (1st time maybe? cant recall) on the 18th inside of Good Loving. Now, you tell me....would you have lost it seeing Jerry sing in Spanish?


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I have a window open now Steve, its on pause but the seed is showing.

This is all three shows in one single torrent,its just over 3 gigs.I read that its not to be shred after march 15th...then someone states you can,so I'm not sure on this issue,but the seed is there.

I think I can set up a single show the same way if there is one you want more.Would take me five or so minutes to switch.

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