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::FAT CATS:: The Casbah - April 30, Elements May 1


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!!Heads Up!!

The Fat Cats

Live @ The Casbah

Friday, April 30/04

306 King St.W.

Hamilton, ON


Directly behind LaLuna



The Fat Cats

Live @ Elements Lounge

(Formerly Stonehenge Rock Bar and Lounge)

Saturday, May 1/04

192 Dundas St.

London, ON

(519) 660-6662


Hope to see everyone out!!

See you at the show.

The Fat Cats

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Any chance you could bring a copy of that show we talked about with you to the Casbah?

I can bring blanks or pick somthing from my list below and I'll do it up.

See ya on the 30th.

Tell Gatch I'll have his also.


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Hey everybody!

I've been looking forward to tonight for awhile.

It's gong to be an immense time at Elements. The Fat Cats playing a bar that's not Call the Office.

I hope you all can come out to party in london on a beautiful spring evening!

$2.50 beers will offset the price of gas from out of town...

Gonna have a great time tonight!

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Great show friday night.

Loving the Early Morning Rain and Golden Years covers,as well the new material is sounding great.It was nice to see so many faces from the old days also,a few I hadn't seen since at least 93-94,great west coast representation also,again a real treat seeing those folks,especially at a Cats show.

Thanks Josh for the show,I'll be tracking it and sharing soon.I know a couple people from BC that have been awaiting that one.Excellent recording.Look forward to gettin fridays show.



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that was fun.

ditto on the 'early morning rain' and 'golden years' covers... i actually forgot about golden years til you mentioned that.. :o apparently i can't handle my booze anymore.. great to see a surprise visit from the stu dawwwg, chandler thanks for listening to my blather and scotty (sheik[..]) thanks for the pre- and post-bar hospitality. your new digs kickass.

happy may, y'all. there should be some good cinco de mayo festivities in london now that there's a strong latino contingent.


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NewRider...it happens all the time. When I go things are gong to change. not as much live music during the week and i doubt my replacements will suddenly get savvy about music.

People consistently miss awesome shows at my bar all the time.

The fat cats are a bit tighter than the average sort of act i'm getting to the bar. Every night is awesome on at least one level, and really good on most others.

Thanks to all the people that made it out. It gets loud with a rock band so sorry i'm not always super chatty. I never want to interrupt the magic that happens at my bar so i tend to keep to myself and poke around the bar to see if there's anything gone awry...it's rare that someone's acting like an idiot.

but i love seeing chathamites and other board members out to shows.

Thanks to everyone who's even remotely interested in supporting live music. I appreciate the interest and comments.

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ya, what a fantastic time.. the fatties were really ripping it up.. When they're in london, i'm in london !

sheik about going to bed, no way, i had to baby sit TC.. he was a waste, i guess he just can't handle his booze.. :P...

now if i can just behave until the shaker, i'll be in perfect shape to giv'er at the coast .....

oh and sheik i'll see u in the week about my camera gear..

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