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Sound Tribe Sector 9 vs Particle (skanks weigh in)


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I've listened to one STS9 show, and, while I liked it, it didn't really "grab" me; it was a little too laid-back and ambient/trancy; I prefer things with a little more funk and energy.

I've never listened to Particle, though; can anybody recommend a show or two? (Ideally, non-BT stuff; I don't have BitTorrent access.)



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Particle is great, their shows are filled with energy, but after seeing them 5 times I've found they've gotten a little repetitive. AS for StS9, never seen them live but want to, love what I've heard so far, doubtfful they would get old after 5 shows.

AS for the debate STS9 vs. Particle, the answer is nero!!!

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I'd have to go with the Freaker on that one. Particle's a poor man's nero if you ask me. Of course American's would see that differently and we all know nero's not making 10,000 US a show. The thing all these bands have in common is an approach to music as environment. STS9 I gather does that quite well particularly in terms of the transformation of a space and crystal projections and what not. Particle sounds to me like really uninspired generic jam vamps and they don't have that sweeping breadth of tone that Lauzon has for instance.

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I had many conversations with people behind the merch tables who enlightened me on the properties of crystals.

This use of crystals brings another point to mind. The transference of energy, which is apparently one of the premier qualities of crystals. Throughout the four nights I became involved in an activity that I had never been exposed to before. It seems that a number of people, including myself, take crystals to shows, (I take them everywhere) and throughout the four evenings we were exchanging crystals with one another, everyone was. I would be dancing with my eyes closed, holding one of my crystals, and someone would slip a different one into my hand while exchanging it for my crystal. It was perhaps someone I had met before, or perhaps not. I would dance with my new friend's crystal, feeling the energy, letting it sink into my body, through my hands. The individual's energy, felt in the warmth of the crystal, was literally transferred from them to me, and vice versa. I could feel that person's positive energy, helping to elevate me to a higher region of both consciousness, and joy. The lending of crystals continued through all four nights, growing in frequency, as I spread my love by handing crystals off to old and new friends, allowing the energy to spread and perpetuate itself.

Oh yes, bring STS9 up, THIS i gotta see!!!!!


KC no longer kenny candles....its all about the Kenny Crystals!

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I went and downloaded one Particle show, and, while I'm just mid-way through the first track, I think I like it more than STS9. It's got a higher energy to it, more of that "funky" wackawackawacka keyboard sound, and you get the feeling it got a lot higher up in intensity than STS9.

(The above are my opinions, and I won't disagree with anybody liking STS9 or preferring them to Particle. YMMV. If either band came within striking distance of your humble scribe, I'd be there in a heartbeat.)



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Particle all the way! The first show I downloaded is still one of my favorites:



Stella Blue

Asheville, NC

Source: dsbd > da-p1> oade active > D8 > wav > shn

Taper: page side crew

Transfer: www.roadsabreeze.com

Hosted: www.roadsabreeze.com

disc 1

1. Cyclops Suzie

2. Roads A Breeze @ 3 AM

3. Axel F

4. Golden Gator >

5. Elevator

disc 2

1. Gator Reprise

(set II)

2. Metropolis >

3. Launchpad

4. Below Radar

disc 3

1. Shoe Goo

2. Make It Real

It's available on the archives: http://www.archive.org/audio/etree-details-db.php?id=3058 Unbelievable, this show will make you a believer... Disc 1 tracks 3-5 are absolutely insane... STS9 is good, but way more spacey and ambient... Good chill out tunes, but Particle fucking BRINGS IT every time...

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I've seen Particle 5 times, but never STS9. Both are excellent bands, but nothing extremely out of the ordinary, IMO. Two completely different sides of the spectrum though. Particle are a hippie trance band and STS9 are ambient, transcendental and relaxing.

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pfffft. Both bands are fucking amazing - I've seen them both multiple times.

STS9 are one of the very few ORIGINAL bands out there - especially in the jamband scene. Their approach is different than most bands - they are more concerned with creating ONE sound with many instruments - the sum of the parts. Instead of having a 'Trey' or 'Vic' in the band, they have Zach Velmer - the most insane drummer I've ever heard. They are fucking brilliant - many years from now people will still be talking about them. They have pioneered a sound that is being imitated all over the place (Lotus, 1000 Vertical Feet, Signal Path etc.) but no one comes close.

Particle is much much different. Mind blowing guitar solos, huge pressure builds, a sort-of Klezmer influence (which is kinda weird) and some kitschy moments (like covering Axel-F etc..) Very different from STS9, but they are a sick band.

Apples and Oranges. ...TASTY apples and oranges.

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Instead of having a 'Trey' or 'Vic' in the band, they have Zach Velmer - the most insane drummer I've ever heard.

Agreed! He's amazing. Seen both once and STS9 are my favourite. Still really like Particle as well. Definitely apples & oranges.

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