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Canada Day Come Together Music Fest - Update!


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One of the days during the weekend!


checked out tim, jonas and the boys at two doors down in brantford and they jammed out beautifully.... great sound those guys have, make sure to check 'em out

cheers, nellie

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TURVEY/BERKLEY/BASTIAN/LAFOUCADE ... looking forward to hearing this!

Wow, I'm getting pretty excited about the Canada Day Weekend Come Together Fest, especially given the bands that have been booked so far! Here is a summary so far (not necessarily listed in playing order):

Fri. July 2

Mr. Something Something

Stephen Franke & Noises from the Toolshed


Sat. July 3

The Wassabi Collective

The Zen Tricksters

Sun. July 4

Fat Cats

Lots more to follow, but it's looking pretty sweet already!

Peace, Mark

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There is also going to be live music on Thur. July 1 at night ... one, two or three bands (still to be determined) ... so this Come Together Festival for the Canada Day weekend is going to be an extra-special looong weekend for those people that want to streeetch it out! ::

Peace, Mark

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