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Mud & Blair - stag & doe next friday!! FUN!!


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DATE: Friday June 11, 2004

WHERE: Old School House - Bloomfield Rd., Chatham, ON Just north off the 401

WHY: Give'r!!!!!!!!!

Yes, an open invitation for all to come down and party in Chatham in support of the union of two kick ass folks!


Lots of fun and interesting games! Door prizes, raffles, Cheap drinks... DJ Double-K (that's me!) pumpin out the phat beats.. woo hoo! Bring your instruments... there will be an after-party jam party somewhere, I reckon. Places for out of towners to stay I do say.

Tickets are 1 for $10 or $15 per couple... available through the following outlets:

Blair: b_gr8ful@hotmail.com

me: backbacon@jambands.ca

LMP: pink@nacns.com

ummm... other places too, I'll get back to yas on that.

oh, at the door too!

Here's where it's at:

The Old School House on Bloomfield Road. (2nd Chatham exit off the 401 (from the east) 1 mile north of 401 on the left (corner of 6th Line and Bloomfield Rd.)

aaq.thumb.jpg aao.thumb.jpg<---(click for larger pic.)

"Guaranteed to add 33% MORE FUN to your Friday!!"

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Blair (Babs) and Mud have to rate as one of my favourite couples of all time. Two awesome individuals who have a fantastic relationship together. Two people that care about things that matter; two people that know how to let loose and have a blast. Looks like I've just talked myself into a trip to Chatham!! :: ::

Peace, Mark

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i will be coming home in the early afternoon/late morning, i'll stop in if its not too early and your car is home.

You might want to stop by the school house too if I'm not around my place. I plan on getting out there early and setting up and getting into some nice outdoor activities... like badmiton or croquet or sitting on the back stoop getting smokey and boozy! I hope you have the Vixen in tow this time!

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Great idea meggo! I haven't been out to your cottage since may 2-4, 1998 I think! Maybe 2000 or so. I don't really know.

Del head: I should have mentioned this up top there, but the stag & doe gets over at 1am so it is probable that you would miss it all if you left after 10 from the GTA..

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CAN'T WAIT......plans go as such

report cards>stag 'n doe>debauchery>stag n' doe>after party>debauchery>meggo's>debaucher>report cards

How's that set list look? Can't wait to see everyone! No. 2, would be priveleged if you made it. Del-Head wish I could hook you up with a ride. Even if you aren't able to make it to the stag but can make it for the after party, you should!

EVERYONE else........get ready to ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!! (if you don't have one, pretend...it's fun!)


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babsy i am sooo there! i have been looking forward to this all week, i can't believe it's already the day after tomorrow! YEEEFRICKENHAW!!!!!!!!! i'll have my party pants on for sure! hell, i might even bring out a prom dress selection, heeheehee.

meggo, huge thumbs up to you for the cottage offer! sounds like a blast, i can't wait! beach = goooood

nice one!

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