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Bayou - Jamworks Open Jam This Thursday..Anyone?

Pootie Tang

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Ottawa Bands and Jammers out there, is anyone interested in collectively getting together next Thursday at the Bayou for an open jam party?? I've gotten a call yesterday from a few folks who usually run open jazz jams at the Bayou on those Thursdays and they were asking if any of us jammers in Ottawa would like to take the stage and make it a night for us?? Lets think of it as like a 40 Main jammathon but without the 18 kegs or so, it's free of course to come play, and if enough of us come down it could be a great party. Skanks, Hux, Tummies, Grant Buffett, Station, all other jammers?

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Yessir, it still is going down! I'm glad you guys are interested. Basically like I mentioned it's a night for all of us to come down and jam together, there'll be equiptment there, guitarists may want to bring their axe's if they have em, the kit n amp's we can take care of. We can either do it a little formal, like put together a list of people to play their songs, and have anyone join in if they like, or we can just bring people up as they call tunes, it doesn't matter...any suggestions?

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My main recommendation is to have a designated Organizer/Frontman/Announcer, who manages who goes on stage when, based on a sign-up sheet. If you're including singer/songwriter performances as well as open jamming, the sheet might/should include each player's preference.



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so is that going to be this Thursday (September 2)? or the Thursday afterwards?

It will be this Thursday Sept 2/04.

I'll speak with the guy from Jazzworks tonight and see how he'd like to do it, I believe he just uses a list and puts bands/performers on it and go from there, so maybe we can do it that way, and get people up in between for sit in's etc. This could be a lot of fun, we haven't done this in a while :)

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whoah.. I wasn't being serious.. but hmmm...

maybe eh.. you have lots of effects? it would be like Bootsy's Rubber Band.. he had a bass player.. since Bootsy didn't really play "bass" if you know what I mean

I won't have time to get together before hand though.. and now I'm all nervous cuz I'm rusty as anything :)

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