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we were discussing mexican independence day today [which, incidentally, is tomorrow the 16th - when father hidalgo started the revolution, etc etc]... anyway, we are all familiar with the song "cortez the killer" by neil. great song. written about hernan cortes, who with his men basically looted, plundered, raped and pillaged through mexico.... anyway i ask my kids today....

"do you know neil young?"

i get:

blank stares.

"did he land on the moon?"

"he's canadian?!?!?"

me: :: :: ::

tomorrow their neil young education BEGINS!!!

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I've got some hope for you meggo. My friend Jenice who you would all really like is teaching in Orangeville and one class is a gifted class. Anyways she called me last night ecstatic that one student had written something truly brilliant that was an essay called 'Mmm Rubbery'. I fu©king love the title. She read bits and pieces and I was blown away. She doesn't know how to mark it because it's heavily non traditional but there's hope.

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my niece Emily has been a Neil Young fan since she was four or five. i remember driving her home one day and a song came on the radio, i believe it was Heart of Gold or Harvest Moon. i sang along as i so often do, and she caught right on to the simple lyrics, singing with me the whole way.. then says, "my mommy listens to this music." i told her who Neil was, and she's been making the request ever since. she's 8 now.

...some peoples parents, eh?

go get 'em meggo! sounds like they need you.

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hah! thanks for helping instill the hope in me. call me narrow minded, but i just don't GET how you could not love neil. craig i have been attempting to indoctrinate my nephews forever... one day one of them said, "music is your life!" hahah... i think he was 5 or 6 at the time, funny. i went to see him this summer - lip synching with some other boys to the ramones!!! i was so proud!

as an aside: he was also wearing one large rubber glove for the performance. i'm not sure about the significance but i'm sure it's something brilliant ;)

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Meggo. Our plight has never been more desperate. The children must learn but the ministry documentation doesn't have a learning expectation for Neil. The good news for me is I teach in St. Thomas and if you ask most of the kids to scour their parent's CDs they may find some gems.

Similar moment this week. I have this picture in my classroom Some kid is like "Is that Sir Stanford Flemming with Trudeau"


First of all, where'd he get Flemming from? Second of all, tomorrow, Revolver. Stat.

What are you teaching this year?

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scottieking! how goes it sweets???

i'm teaching grade 11 spanish this semester, and grade 10 and 12 next semester, at gloucester high in ottawa [gloucester]. we're the gators :D

jeeez... stanford flemming? JEEZ!!!!!!!

i can't find my copy of cortez the killer but i may have to have some kind of interim neil, because as you say, desperate times. one thing that i just thought of [they don't call me "brighty" for nothing!] is that our school is extremely multicultural... 45 different languages spoken ::.... so for the kids whose families are more recent additions to our purty little mosaic, i suppose they have an excuse. but not after this year!!!

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I think it's funnier when I mention Neil to older folks who say, "Isn't that Scott Young's boy? I remember he was going to be a musician." I swear, this has happened to me more than once! I'm not making this up!

Seeing Neil tomorrow night (with Randy Bachman and the Barenaked Ladies). I shall report back...

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