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Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

Come one, come all. The great Ottawa apartment clearance sale is on at 299 Somerset W. apt. 308!!! I'm moving out by the end of the month, and in doing so I want to thin out my posessions somewhat because I don't know when the next time I'll have my own place will be.

Here is a list of stuff that's for sale:

- Traynor TS-50 guitar amp

- Ericsson T18d cell phone w/electric charger, car charger, car speaker phone

- Samsung SD-616 DVD drive (I'll toss in a Sony CD-R/RW drive, may or may not work, no guarantees)

- cabinets

- lazy boy

- dining room table + 4 chairs

- board games

- speakers

- cassettes

- weights (put on some muscles you feeble hippies)

- ceiling fan

- window AC unit

- window mounted fan

- shelving unit

- fu©k, I don't know, a toilet scrubber. Basically there's a lot of stuff. If you come, and you see something that isn't on the list, just point at it and ask "How much?"

The sale is on starting Saturday.


And if anyone wants to help me move, there may be some discounts available. ::

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Hey Roller...where are you moving your stuff to? Cameron(my car)well he's in great shape for his age but my mechanic says to avoid a heart attack I shouldn't even put more than 4 humans on his back. Though he can handle small boxes.....400 poundish kinda thing....be glad to help if I can :)

Who doesn't want a used toilet brush! ::

Gettin' rid of any good books?

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Guest Low Roller

Why yes, there will be some books up for grabs. Nothing too thought provoking though, just some sci-fi from my younger days that I'm still holding onto for some reason.

Let's see:

- A Time To Kill, The Firm, The Pelican Brief by John Grisham

- Rising Sun, The Terminal Man, The Andromeda Strain by Micheal Crichton

- Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

- Lord of the Rings trilogy

- and a bunch of Star Wars books (I dare you to call me a geek you bunch of "wookies")

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Guest Low Roller
My new car only has a cassette player...what we talking about?

No Radiohead please

Aha! Finally found a sucker..... I mean a benevolent individual, who will relieve me of my tape collection. I don't remember exactly what's there as it's been many moons since I glanced at the case that's sitting in my closet. I do know that the tapes are neatly stacked away in two glorious black lacqered, wall-mountable, carrying cases. I think there are 100 tapes (if not more). I'll strike you a deal if you take it all. I'll PM you a list of tapes when I get home.

As far as the speakers go, I'll post their make and model when I get home. One pair is stereo speakers that would be good if you want to wire up your kitchen with music or something, and the other pair are two HUGE wooden-cased speakers that need to have the cones replaced.

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Guest Low Roller
Save the weights and the board games, I'll come by saturday afternoon.

You're gonna have to fight Freeker for those board games I think. You both came to me at the same time about the board games.

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YOU've been hijacked!!

Yeah, my friend emailed me 6 months into my trip, and told me she fell in love with Ebony and didn't feel she could give her back. My big heart let her keep her. I was moving around so much I guess it was fair..but it broke my heart. My kitty would even play fetch...

Roller - I'll take some tapes...my car isn't CD equipped either (thanks for letting me share my story)

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Guest Low Roller

Additional items that have not been mentioned yet:

- PS2 for sale with 4 controllers and a four-way splitter, memory card, and 5 games

- 2 halogen lamps that hold 40 CDs each

- a record player (needs a new needle)

more to come...

As far as what tapes I have, here is a quick list:

AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Bad Religion, Morphine, Offspring, Beck, The Breeders, Motley Crue, Candlebox, Punchbuggy, Cheap Trick, Rage Against the Machine, Clapton, The Clash, Collective Soul, Alice Cooper, Dazed and Confused, Dead or Alive, Def Leppard, Smashing Pumpkins, The Doors, Sandbox, Doughboys, Soul Asylum, Econoline Crush, Foo Fighters, Urge Overkill, Peter Gabriel, G 'n R, Simon and Garfunkel, Headstones, Pennywise, Metallica, Supersuckers, Beastie Boys, Frente!, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Neil Young, ZZ Top, Violent Femmes, Bon Jovi, U2, Roxy Music, Supertramp, Tears For Fears, Our Lady Peace (the good one), Who, Poison, Robbie Robertson, Weezer, House of Pain, Stone Temple Pilots, Porno For Pyros, Bruce Hornsby, Arrested Development, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Mozart, and Piledriver: The Wrestling Album.

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