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arguably the best hitter of all time. i am a baseball nut and i've watched this guy throughout his career, and it continues to amaze me how much better he gets as he gets older... steroids shmeroids, i really dont care if he's juiced or not, if you dont get pitches to hit drugs dont mean sh!t, and lets give pitchers some credit, there's a lot more quality pitching these days than there has been in past eras... but, he has so much patience at the plate, picks and chooses his pitches wisely and rarely misses... this guy gets less pitches to hit than any other ball player on the planet and he does the most with them. he's got fu©king 40 home runs and what, a .374 average? its fu©king insane.

god bless barry bonds. i cant wait till he breaks hank's record. baseball needs something like that these days, and i love the fact that its a character like barry that's gonna bring it to them.

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"god bless barry bonds."

Damn fu©king straight..............

We will NEVER see another baseball player like this in our lifetime. I remember in '93 having an arguement with a manager at TRU that he was the most under-rated ball player in MLB. It's still true!!!!!!!

Anyone that cant praise Barry, doesnt deserve to watch baseball, because they arent a fan of the game. Has there ever been a more imposing player in the batter's box?

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