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I just experimented!!


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I gave Benson (one of our dogs) some peanut butter and every time I do I can't help but giggle a lot. So as I was giggling I thought it'd be funny to see how many times they licked their chops until they stopped - which happened to be around 1.5min for both of them.


Benson (Shih-Tzu) 86 licks

Caruso (Sheltie) 135 licks

How many times does your dog lick its lips?

*1 Rule*

- no pushing it up to the rough of their mouths

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God, where did this all go so wrong? For your information;

1) There was very little that was sexual....well maybe a bit more than very little but that's between me and the dogs

2) There was a placebo group.....the unidentified third and fourth dog on the grassy null.

3) Proud of you gator for a least thinking this was some sort of new combo

4) Phishy K........I talked with your mom and we've both agreed that you're a gay breed

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