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Happy 70th Birthday Leonard Cohen


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Cheers to Cohen.

He has a new album coming out in october.

[color:"black"] The Pro

I leave my silence to a co-operative of poets

who have already bruised their mouths against it.

I leave my homesick charm to the scavengers of

spare change who work the old artistic corners.

I leave the shadow of my manly groin to those who

write for pay.

I leave to several jealous men a second-rate legend

of my life.

To those few high school girls

who preferred my work to Dylan's

I leave my stone ear

and my disposable Franciscan ambitions

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Did anybody else study Cohen in highschool??

I sure did !

grade 10 english class

I had no idea he was a singer/performer at the time

just fell in love with the poem "Suzanne Takes You Down"

in grade 12 i dated this university girl who was a Cohen fanatic, and my collection and admiration for the man grew from there.

he's also a buddhist practitioner, so he de man in my eyes

happy birthday Leonard, and i'm with TimmyB regarding a show up here...that'd be the bomb!

can someone back me up on this or am i hallucinating...i remember Cohen toured in the late 80's and played something like 6 shows in a row at the Academy Theatre in Lindsay.

All sold out of course!

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