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SOULIVE tomorrow night


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Nice. A booty shaking throw down will be had by all in attendance. Eric Krasno is a mean player with the key to groove.

They've only come to Van a few times over the years (during Jazz-fest, if I'm remembering correctly) and it was never promoted to our community as it should have been.

I hear mixed reviews about the Opera House...? How many peeps does it hold?

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Soulive pre- and post-Phish show parties were July 5th and 6th, 2000 at The Comfort Zone...and what a party they were!! Some folks missed 'em due to the BNB afterparty at Atlantis, which is strange since BNB are once again scheduled to play the same night as Soulive. Soulive were scheduled one other time to play the Lava Lounge on College in Toronto in the spring of 2001 (and the promoter managed to get a small blurb in NOW), but Eric Krasno fell ill and the show didn't happen.

As possibly Soulive's biggest fan north of the border, I'm really excited about seeing them again without having to cross the border. Last time I saw them was at The Showplace in Buffalo during Toronto's SARS scare, and all the familiar American faces took 3 steps backward when they saw me coming - what a trip that was.

See everyone tomorrow night - you don't want to miss this show! ::

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It was a lot of fun interviewing Alan Evans last night. It's a long interview, so if you just skimmed over it and are a fan of Charlie "Bird" Parker read the last main question where I ask "One last question, I always want to ask this about bands that usually release instrumental material. How do you come up with the title of the song?" During Alan's answer he goes into an amazing story about his father seeing Parker.

Just to clarify, Soulive's last gig in Toronto was as an opener during the Phil Lesh & Friends show at the Molson Amphitheatre on July 9, 2002. moe. was also on the bill.

Soulive's setlist at the Molson Amphitheatre in 2002:

Steppin', Flurries, Hurry Up...And Wait, Tuesday Night Squad

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Just got home from working overnight and got to read the article. Good read Timmy, very insightful. So, how many albums is this now? Interesting about Alan's solo album release, as I only have Soulive's first three albums and was wondering at the time of the third release whether they were losing their songwriting momentum based on the rearrangements of several previously released tunes...very nicely done though, especially the reworkings with Fred Wesley. Also, out of curiosity, why was their relationship with Blue Note ended?

And Willy, I can hardly wait to get down and funk out (maybe you'll give me a run for my money after all ;)) - see ya there!

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