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Hello Ya'll...


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Just sitting at a computer at school and wanted to say hello to everyone. Things are going well here. I finally have a place to live, food to eat, drugs to smoke etc...

Leeds is a WONDERFUL place. It's gorgeous, extremely alive and full of live music, clubbing, alternative lifestyles... Going to see a band called Four Day Hombre tonight actually.

Hope everyone is well. keep in touch. Please e-mail or call if you can:

e: shainshapiro@email.com

m: 011-44-7910-173-986

call me if you can. It's only like $.10-$.15 per minute :)

peace- Shain

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Hey Shain! Yeah, I'd LOVE to make it to that show but if I did go it'd only be for the first set. Gotta get some rest to get up early on Firday to take the boat home so I can get some studying in for my start-of-the-school-year exams! They are extra tough because we haven't yet learned anything that is on the test. Hope you have a blast though!

Oh, and I'd love to call and chat with you but that phone number looks SUPER long-distance! :)

Take it easy and keep the updates coming!

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