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I don't know if the guys in the band still come on here, but a know a couple of the band whores do (bokonon, I'm looking in your direction...). Either way, somebody convince these guys to come to Ottawa please... I was touring pretty hard with them this past summer (not sure if I qualified as a whore, but me and J-Roc were definately "on tour"), and I haven't had a fix since my first Dover show. I just listened to the PJC CD that's floating around (2004-04-17?), and I miss the music, and the kids in the band. I'm sure it would be possible to get a gig up here, and I would definately do everything in my power to promote and convince people to come out. The Dog really stepped it up this summer, and I hate that I'm no longer a 45 minute drive away from their shows. Bring the Dog to Ottawa! (Oh and zephyr, if you ever want to spread around some of those juicy Diesel Dog shows you recorded, definately get ahold of me... There's a couple of specific ones I'd love, but I'll take anything new-ish [ie. with Summer playing in the band]).

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A "festival express" road trip to Ottawa would be a blast ... it's been far too long since I made the journey to our nation's capital. Hmmm, now I'm thinking about it!

A Toronto gig would definitely be a blast as well. So would a 2 night Vegas run!::!

Hopefully all of this will materialize in the not-too-distant future (ok, maybe not the Vegas run) ... if only there were more hours in each day!

Peace, Mark

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your fired!!

learn to spell. you're fired! ::

i did spell your fired rightly


:o :: :: :: :D :: :: :P

no you didn't. sorry for being such a spelling nazi, but i think that is hilarious.

your (denotes posession) you're (contraction of the words you and are). very different words.

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