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Star Wars in 2004


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Watching this last night, the thought of watching the original VHS version on a TV right beside a TV playing the DVD version would be a fun thing to do to really notice the very very tiny details added/changed.

I found a few links that compares ALL 3 versions with some screen shots.

Star Wars Changes

Empire Strikes Back changes

ROTJ changes

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Lucas added the "Episode IV" title to the original Star Wars before Empire came out to show that the movies were part of a larger anticipated story.

What I want to know is how come Luke's first lightsaber (seen in the screen cap changes here) is now green? Shouldn't it be the same colour as Anakin's i.e. blue which is what it was in the first place? I know the second one that Luke made for himself after the Cloud City battle is green, but the first one is the one that he got from father via Obi-Wan, right? Or am I missing something here?


Mr. M.

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Bouche bought the new DVD box set on Friday. I saw Star Wars for the first time in my life. I loved it!!! A great story and so imaginative. I can't wait to see Return of the Jedi!

I can't compare the newly released versions with the old ones, but I can tell you that the clarity and special effects looked current. It looks and sounds like it could have been filmed last year. Wonderful.

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The picture quality is ridiculously improved. I actually heard Ms.H go "OH MY GOD" or something similar with Ben was struck down by Darth. hehe....didn't see that one coming eh?


That documentary on the bonus disc is INCREDIBLE too.

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I actually only watched the bonus material so far. I think it's interesting that Hayden Christensen looks a lot like Mark Hamill in the saber battle rehersals they were showing - or at very least you could imagine that the two could really be related.

I know a lot of folks poo-poo the new movies, but I'm REALLY interested to see the last film. It can't not be amazingly dark considering the subject matter and where they end up before IV.

And Ms. Hux, how did you get this far into a relationship with a geek like bouche without seeing the trilogy? That strikes me as something for an oversight committee somewhere...

- M.

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My favorite part is when Kirk and Spok meet that group of small furry creatures on the Yellow Brick road. Ahhhhh the hilarity that follows is next to nothing. Also the battle scene where Flash Gordon and his faithful side kick Chewbacca team up with Sigourney Weaver to fight Tron is wicked.

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