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breakfast in hamilton?


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are there any really good breakfast spots in hamilton?? i can't seem to think of one and it is somewhat shocking and depressing to think that there isn't one! all i can think of is that one spot on main st. west near the tally ho, and that breakfast is FAR from good. i know that greasy spoons are a dime a dozen, but what about really good tasty and possibly not super greasy breakfast, with a nice ambience? cheerskis.

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Hit up "Your Place" on Main st. between Locke & Dundurn on the south side of main.

edit to add:

I just noticed the ther part of your post...d'oh,I assume the place your referig to is the same place I mentioned...

I find the food usually alright there,although I normally don't eat breakfast so I'm notthe best for a recommendation.

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yeah, thats why i was surprised that i couldn't think of any good ones! thanks esau, thats actually not the one i was thinking of. ray's is a good call too. i'll keep t&g's in mind steve. i actually ended up just making some delicious omelettes here at home (w/ homemade salsa), and a smoothie.

is that vegetarian place called Edible Roots still open, on Locke St.?

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