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Peoples Army of Earth


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Ok so here's the deal, i am founding my own army,, i will use its powers for any thing i see fit, my army will not obey international laws or any laws for that matter, and we have no affilation with nato or the u.n

so here's where you all fit in,, ineed lots of money to buy some tanks and air craft,, bullets and missles arn't cheep

in exchange for you money i will offer you and position in my army you would like, excpet for surgon general

( thats me )

i plan on using my army to further thewar on drungs by killing anyone who interfears with marijuana culitvation, distributation, or use. as well as start a specail scienctific unit devoted to recreating the good ol' 60's acid

i also plan on killing george w bush and the new president too because killing just buch wouldn't be enought,, they owe us large.

third i'd like to focous on killing any bosses who pay min wage or close, and and who make people work on the weekend

if any one has any other ides of people who need to get killed let me know, and we can discuss a time frame.

just remember tanks arn't cheep, i figure it will be a few mill each,, even on ebay, so its going to take quite a bit of cash,, i recomend sending me 1/2 your pay checks and any money you were going to spend on booze.

the more we can raise the sooner the world will be mine ( ourse)

also i will be having a fund riaser bake sale and silent drug auction at my house for any on intrested

Surgon General J. Jared Lipson

Peoples army of Earth

commanding officer

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whoa Jesus!! Just for the record - I was doing my Carol Channing imitation while that photo was taken...

Since this is Jared's thread, I am a red blooded heterosexual male currently looking for a female life partner, I'm witty, smart, and gooood lookin'...

Inquiries please email or PM (references available upon request)


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flower, you just got promoted to .ummmm, sargent general, in charge of B.C use your power wiseley. and i want 2 points off all the west coast action


pann you are now officially the Real admiral in charge of all poop decks, and any future purches of submarines,, i hear the canadian governmet might have a deal on one coming up on sale real cheep

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