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do you want to sing for INXS?


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so, I don't know how many of you heard, but INXS, along with Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor) are doing like an American Idol thing for find the next lead singer for INXS.

What's cool is they are holding one of the auditions in Toronto, so.. I just wanted to pass on the info for anyone who has had dreams of fronting INXS (and I know that is a lot of you out there).

The website is http://www.inxsrockstar.com/

good luck!

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I saw them around 1987/1988. I only went to the show because Ziggy Marley was opening up.

I stayed for most of INXS, until Michael Hutchence left the stage, and came back without any pants on. The crowd went wild. I and my friend thought it was idiotic and left.

(I don't think I want to be the next Michael Hutchence.)

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