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Reminder... Trey on ACL


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U Ottawa and Kingston folks get the show tomorrow night at midnight... the Toronto crwod will have to wait till next Saturday the 22nd at 12:30... this performance includes Night Speaks, Drifting, It Makes no Difference, Mr Completely and one or two others... recorded at the Austin City Limits festival 9.18.04... cant wait to see some new live TAB!

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to quote this guy I sorta know... ;)

Jerry Love people!!!

I wonder if all those Bobby heads saw Ratdog on Austin City Limits. You would think a *real* fan would know about it.

Those Bobby heads...are the *real* fans,only "Phans" whine about any memeber of the Grateful fu©kin Dead... ::

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This 'fan' whines about Boob fans especially if they whine about Phil and think he could have been easily replaced in the Grateful Dead.

Thats the most insane thing I have ever heard...

Replaced by who? Trey? Not until he kicks the oxy problem,maybe then (big maybe) he could fill Bobby's shoes,don't get me wrong I love Treys playing,but there was alot more then the talent to be a member of GD,I would think you would have known that...guess your that type we shyed away from on tour.

now back to your regularly scheduled Trey Anastasio Band announcement...

Hey look at it this way,if I were to stop posting in this thread it would sink like a stone..... ;)

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just for the record Esau... he's not talking about this fan...

hey i dont mind your Trey shots


You mean how I state I love his playing? Or was it the comment about the oxys? Was I incorrect? Was it a different script then?

I know he's not speaking for you.

Phish sucks its over end of story!

Spoken like most Phishheads I know.

Shame,even I never made that comment.

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Ok,I figured it was sarcasm,but just to be sure ya know?

I really only made phun of the phans and how they always complain about every show,or at least ones they weren't at...

All good just having some fun & keeping the Trey on ACL announcement at the top.


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Well, I am sure you have seen the rumours that put Trey in Nashville, trying out new musicians for some band he is putting together.

Who knows what he is really up to, but I'll go see the mothereffer.

(Man, its dead in here today and the clients that are here are all sick. I have been hiding in my office for the better part of the day if you havent noticed.)

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