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apparently his Seattle (Bumbershoot) show was a bit of a mess. 2000 people in a venue that holds 30000, a poor performance from the band and a tepid crowd reaction. I saw a photo of the audience during one of the songs and there was a semi-circle of people amusing themselves by playing cards.

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No, I just get tired of all the jaded fans who immediately discount what he does. That show was fantastic.

hey whiteboy05 - welcome to the board!

Do you really think that these days, 14 months after the end of Phish, with two tours under his belt, that his fans are still "jaded" and can still "immediately discount what he does"?

I could maybe see your point back in April but don't you think there's been enough offered to us for us to have an opinion by now?

I am glad you enjoyed the show, not trying to rain on your parade, but I am equally getting tired of being potentially labeled as "jaded" or as a "hater" just because I am not impressed by what I have heard. And I think I've heard enough to make a judgment.

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