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2005 Mug Shots of the Year


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I'm loving Jimmy Butler's mugshot and "story":

He Brakes For Midgets

Sartorial statement from a Kingston Ontario DUI arrestee

JULY 14--Since you usually can't anticipate an arrest for drunk driving, a motorist does not have the luxury of planning a wardrobe for the mug shot session. Kingstonian James Butler, who last month pleaded no contest to a reckless driving count, knows all about that predicament. The 38-year-old was wearing a rather distinctive t-shirt when he posed for the below OPP's Office mug shot following his December 2004 DUI arrest. We're sure Butler was more appropriately attired in Kingston Court on June 1, when he was sentenced to a year's probation, fined $775, and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service. (1 page)


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Trio arrested for rough whacking, whipping of paltry boy, 31

JULY 11--If The Smoking Gun is known for anything, it's our diligent efforts to point out the dangers of gentlemen's clubs. Our latest cautionary tale of pleasure's pitfalls comes from Hammertown, ON, where a trio of strippers is facing criminal charges for the onstage beating a male patron with a wood paddle and a leather whip. According to a Hamilton-Wentworth County Sheriff's Office report, about-town shopvac rider/un-named transvestite from the Hamilton region told investigators that he was handcuffed to a pole at the Sensations club and set upon by the dancers during a June 17 visit. Mr. "X", who was celebrating his 31st birthday with pals who paid $25 for his ceremonial birthday whuppin', said that he was injured when the 4:30 AM stunt went too far. Notable was that he also paid for so-called "pals" to be present, and at the same going rate of $25/hour. He later claimed that he "begged" management to stop the paddling/whipping, but that his plea was rejected. After a bruised Mr. "X" contacted cops, three dancers and two Sensations managers were arrested and charged with a felony count of obscene performance in a public place (the strippers also were hit with a misdemeanor battery count). Below you'll find mug shots of the three dancers and a female manager (sorry, we didn't have space for the male manager's picture--- he was waaayyy too ugly). The women, scheduled for an August 4 Provincial Court appearance, are, clockwise from upper left, Kelly Eslick, 21; Lisa Nolen, 23; Charlene Smith, 23; and manager Deb******* 30.

please feel free to post the above as an advertisemnet of my services.


Hey there, exhausting-whack-job-Lazlo...I think it only fair to let the folks know I've never been indicted of anything!!!!! (How are your legal fees adding up...?)

We KNOW our busniess and we KNOW our 'gravy-train' clients.

so depressingly Lazlo, I need remind you that your last cheque bounced!!!! No more FREE NASTINESS from me, you sweetums-cuddle-bunny-snookums-kushie-bum-bum!!!

"Tickle-wickle" my little sknooker-wooker sweetie-pie-pie..........I await payment you ashphalt-licking-cum-spot (Ooooops!)

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