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Apollo Sunshine are you fugging kidding me?


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Did no one in this scene get off on Apollo Sunshine. It seemed like pretty mealy mouthed praise. BradM gave me the Main Hall show and it is fucking ridiculous. The Egg had me in tears within seconds. Talk about a New Years song 'on and on it goes the less and less and less you know'.

People should really listen to the new one Apollo Sunshine self titled and Katonah. I'd be surprised if more people wouldn't be seriously moved by them.

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yeah, apollo sunshine are kickass... they've gotten some love on the board in the past, mostly after the show in montreal in the spring...

and yeah, that selftitled album is sweet ridiculousness... i had to buy it twice on that run cuz my first one got stolen the night i bought it. havent heard the other one, though.

if you're diggin' the sunshine, you'd probably really like the cold war kids, too - when i saw them, i was instantly reminded of apollo sunshine.

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thats cool about the U2 video..

they played a good set last night.... had some sound problems, and ended up blowing the bass amp, but they came together quite nicely toward the end. so much power in that band, but i love how well they control the size of their sound with such subtle touches... then launch into your face without any notice.

they opened for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals... who i had never listened to, and to be honest, i didnt even know who the headliner was until i got there... she came out and started with an acapella "bible-belt-blues" type song.. she had a packed higher ground in the palm of her hands, dead silence while she sang, and it was so beautiful... quite a juxtaposition from Apollo's set and i really dug that angle... as she wound down her vocal part, she walks over to an organ and started playing, and it was great! in my head im saying "SOLD! this is gonna be awesome!".... then the band kicked in... and oh fuck, what a let-down! no identity to their sound whatsoever, they coulda been any of the other million white guys across the continent playing watered down blues funk... dude's solo's were terribly cheesy and predictable, and after 5 or so songs that sounded basically identical, we cut our losses and headed home.

oh well.

i did pick up that disc you mention, though luke... havent listened yet, though.

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I should have chimed in earlier. They really impressed the fuck outta me in Montreal. I got some nice photos of the band and I believe I have their setlist paper at work from that night. I thought it might come in handy for naming brad's recording, but I forgot I had it.

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