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what's the LD-50 of coffee??

Calamity Jane

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really...anyone know what it is? I know every substance is lethal at a certain dose.

Seems like we often have "coffee Sundays" around here, and just like those "never-again-3-bottles-of-red-wine" wicked hangover-promises (which are soon enough forgotten), I keep forgetting that 2 pots should be my limit, but by then I'm well into the shakey phase!!!!

how many cups did ya ever pound inta ya??

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i despise coffee, it is one of the most foul things i can imagine in most circumstances. i only ever drink it when driving super late at night, and it is so loaded with cream and sugar that it doesn't even taste like coffee anymore.

however, in university i had a 25 page paper to write in about 16 hours. over the course of the night i drank about 4 pots of coffee, had the shakes like crazy and wrote the most incomprehensible crap i've ever written, aside from some posts on jambands.ca. I think i got a b+ though.

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