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Jake's Blue Book STOLEN at the St. Pete's Show!!!


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I just read this on Myspace.....

Fans and Friends of Umphrey's,

Jake’s blue three-ring binder containing all of his lyrics, music, and shorthand notations was stolen from the stage last night during the State Theater show in St. Peteresburg, FL (2/22/07).

This book is IRREPLACEABLE and we need it back. All the band wants is the book returned, NO questions asked!!!! If you, or anyone you know has any information please contact scarlet@umphreys.com.

Thank you.

Umphrey's McGee

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if anything, the UM crowd is probably connected enough that there's a at least slim chance he'll get it back. Nobody loves vengeance more than hippies.

or if he waits a few days he can just read his book on the internet, no doubt. in fact, then it can never get lost again!

poor guy, that really must suck.

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Shitty deal, hippie musicians need to start using laptops; and back-up drives....

True, although you wouldn't think something would be stolen from the stage while the band was playing. Ballsy thief, to say the least.

JSB had an iPod stolen - and subsequently returned - from the stage while they were playing last year, and this isn't the first time this particular binder has been swiped (from what I gather). Hopefully this'll be another happy ending.

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