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a travel guitar


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I know some friends who have that Martin you listed, Bouche, as well as the Art & Lutherie posted above.

The martin is nice but very quiet, making it difficult to play along with someone else. I felt that both guitars were difficult to play - both were hard on the fingers. (Bar chords especially, even more so up near the headstock) I've been playing for a few years and Bass even longer, I still can't play these for any good chunk of time.

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I tried one of those and I really found it uncomfortable to play for any length time and the sound wasn't that great.

I did end up getting a Little Martin LX 1 every time I play it I am amazed at how good this little guitar sounds.

It plays like a full size and like I said the tone in actually pretty nice.

My friend also has a baby Taylor, which also sounds great. Both come with a nice padded soft shell case.

I would definitely suggest one of these small, big guitars. They are a little bit bigger then the travel versions but they sound and play way better.(IMO)

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I second the Martin LX1 - I played this guitar quite a bit when I was chillin' in P.Bro and it's a pleasure to play and to hear. I've played the baby taylor - and it's a taylor. the martin is definitely MY preference but if you're more of a 'taylor guy' than a 'martin dude' then you know where to start.

the backpacker's a great idea if you're a traveller taking a guitar around the world but you're clearly not.

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...exscuse the thread hijack but...Zimmy I don't know your last name...is that your board company?

Trey coolio dudette. :)

Am I too old to board? I used to when I was a kid and been craving it lately...but not the wipe outs..is long boarding a little less messy?


It is our board company :) And you are [color:red]never too old to board. Longboarding rocks, just like surfing on pavement. It is less messy (for most of us), faster, quiet. Next time you're around, let me know and you can come over and test out a few of our boards to see if you like it, I'm sure you will.

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I have a Martin GBPC Backpacker, well I did until B stole and now uses it to teache at the folklore.

You need a strap to play it, if you'd like, I can bring it in tomorrow AM and you can try it out, I love the sound.

thx. I've tried that before and it is the only one I've known of and now I'm seeing some other options to look into.

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