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Song about Smiths Falls


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Some Ottawa Valley Country Music hall of fame member is all pissed because Smiths Falls radio station won't play it.

Read the story

"You'd think a local station would have a responsibility under its CRTC licence to play something that reflects a local major economic disaster in the making,"

Has anyone heard this? It seems ridiculous that he's complaining that they won't play his song. Anyone should be able to complain that their song isn't being played. Cry Baby.

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Well if it's not a good song or doesn't sound right...that's the way things go.

I can understand his feelings though-heck I can hardly get folks to listen to my songs that are a click of the mouse away.

But you're right; musicians have to get over it-you can't expect people to care-for the most part they don't.

That's life.

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To be honest, in this day and age, I'm surprised there are still folks who believe that commercial radio has anythinhg to do with breaking new artists or supporting local ones. Doesn't matter if you're in Smith Falls or downtown Montreal, the best you're gonna get is a painted van at a community event. That's it.

Ironically, not far from Smiths Falls, there are a couple of gentlemen who are starting a commercial community radio station Their pitch to the CRTC in getting the licence was that there were people who actually wanted to hear local news, weather etc and hear local artists and that there were advertisers willing to pay for air time on such a station. Whether that's true or not remains to be seen, but I hope it is.

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Here's an article about the song, with the lyrics

Haven't heard the song but I see the station manager's point about the lyrics not being well thought out. The line about "a government

that takes and never gives" is out of place... the shutting down of the chocolate factory has nothing to do with any government.

poor guy wasted his time

would be good for american idol hmhmmhhm

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