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Acousticats Sat. March 31st


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Me too.

I'm hoping for some Little Wing.

I love hearing the Acousticats. If I'm not booked up that night then I am SO there.

Incidentally, The Bluebudzz tore out a killer Little Wing in response to my request on Saturday night. We must be on the same wavelength Edger. Speaking of wavelength, well that of red light anyway, I still have that CD for you. It seems in the excitement booze soaked debauchery of St. Patrick's Day you must have forgotten it. Don't worry though, it's in safe keeping.

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Everlasting Morning Sky acoustic, right after set break festivities would be pretty sweet.

Sweet indeed. It's been a while since they busted out that one! Hopefully we'll see you out Greg?

Yeah Willy, I was thinking about that disc the next day as I was laying on the couch piecing the previous night together. Looking forward to giving it a listen!

MarcO, you can always have a drink with my dad if you want... I think he might be making an appearance on Saturday.

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