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Classified last night at El Mocambo

Jay Funk Dawg

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This guy is slick.

Last night's show at the El Mocambo was pretty intimate, about 150 people just loving it, singing along to almost everything. I gotta give props to Classified, he's been in the game since at least 1999, I remember reviewing him in a Halifax weekly; now 8 years later he's in line for a Juno and his new album has this awesome hit.. featuring Jordon Croucher..

check it out:

I'm feelin' fine

www.myspace.com/jordoncroucher (not working)



also check www.myspace.com/hiphopclassified

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definitely go check out jordon's page.. thanks TG, I fixed the link.. that is the apparent myspace url.. weird.


This was a show put on by El Mocambo & Classified's Management.. I'm working to get to promote his next show, hopefully Class will win the Juno for HipHop/Urban artist of the year and it will be massive. Really enjoyed this show..

I've been singin' feelin' fine all day!!


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