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Kruger Brothers coming to Ottawa


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The Kruger Brothers are coming back to town.

Friday, August 10th. Doors 7:30, show 8pm. Academic Hall, Ottawa U.

I saw these gentlemen at Mavericks last year and they play sweet sweet bluegrass. They are the real deal and well worth the $15 cover.

"I haven't heard a set of music in many a day that I enjoyed more than I

did the Kruger Brothers. That was...oh man....! As the saying goes, I

was in hog heaven (laughs). The way they used Frosty Morn and Cuckoo

Bird and Twin Sisters that old banjo tune, the way they wove that

together with little, almost classical riffs between the songs yet not

losing one bit of the flavour....I couldn't believe the work they had

done on that music to put it together like that without taking away

anything from the original. And their harmonies when they sing are so


- Doc Watson

"I thought them cats must be from Kentucky. Then I found out they were

from Switzerland. They were unbelieveable. Bluegrass don't get any

better than what those boys can do"

- Ronnie Hawkins

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these guys were fookin awesome! And a very cool venue - a small theatre space. 2nd set was a bit too slow for as tired as I was - not that it wasn't good, though. they said to sit back and relax and just enjoy. If I had closed my eyes I would have been asleep.

Now I'm listening to some deep banana blackout from the vibes with my kitties.

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