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Is Sisters Euclid rocking the Orbit tonight?


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Kevin Breit and Harry Manx were at the Edmonton Folk Festival this past weekend, so its a bit doubtful that he'll be there, but maybe..

Actually, Kevin tries not to miss Mondays...he and Harry opened for Gregg Allman a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday and he flew home to play his Monday at the Orbit...

They had last week off due to the long weekend bu will be "in Orbit" ;) tonight and I'll be there for some tunes!

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Man, ended up getting there at midnight. Was still in booze cruise mode from the afternoon. Had some friends out on the patio where we proceeded to burn a bunch and have a good laugh. Kinda bummed i didn't end up catching much of the music. Wish they had speakers out there.

I can barely stay awake at work right now :P

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i think phorbesie gave you a good enough scathing so i'll let you off the hook. packed house to capacity last night.. kevin breit flew in from edmonton and came directly to the orbit room from the airport! he looked pretty exhausted. i don't know the names of the euclid tunes but lots of familiar ones. they did 'southern man' too. can'o, didn't see ya! saw luke and marge and nibbler though.

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