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Bisco Tour


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I just have to say I am pumped for this tour. The setlists from the first three nights look great. The reviews are very positive too. Cleveland and Buffalo are coming up!

10/09/07 Revolution, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Set I: Hope1 2> Little Betty Boop3> Astronaut

Set II: I Remember When, Mindless Dribble2> Cyclone> Confrontation3> Plan B, House Dog Party Favor

Encore: Frog Legs

1 with "Save the Robots" ending fake-out

2 unfinished

10/10/07 State Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL

Tea Leaf Green opened

Set I: Highwire, The Very Moon> Helicopters> The Very Moon> Helicopters

Set II: Jigsaw Earth, 7-11> Bazaar Escape1> 42> Digital Buddha2> 42, Onamae Wa

Encore: Bernstein And Chasnoff

1 ending only

2 inverted

10/12/07 Bouckaert Farm, Fairburn, GA

The Echo Project

10:45pm-2:00am (two sets on the 2nd Stage); Other acts include The Killers, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Roots, Cypress Hill and MSTRKRFT

Set I: M.E.M.P.H.I.S.> Orch Theme> Munchkin Invasion1> Liquid Handcuffs> Svenghali2

Set II: Mulberry's Dream, Caterpillar, Crickets> Shelby Rose1> Crickets, Morph Dusseldorf

Encore: I Wanna Be Sedated

1 inverted

2 ending only

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the 4th I believe...

We are down here in Kentucky right across the river from Cinci... we will be hittin the show here on Wed night... were pumped aswell...and will let ya know how it was to get you even more pumped for the buff show...

I'm hopin' for another jigsaw earth

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Dammit, my passport just expired. Buffalo is going to be a crunch but I'm going to try and make 'er happen...

Edit to Add: NYE was just announed...

Dec 28th and 29th @ Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

Dec 30th @ The Electric Factory in Philly

NYE @ The Tweeter Center in Philly

Thinking about a New York vacation when I get my passport... ;)

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How was the Cincy show??? I heard really good reviews. In fact I have heard great reviews of all their shows (well except one) but I guess they are tearing it up. I got a hotel right downtown Clev right near the venue. Can't wait to go then off to Buffalo for the Sunday night show. Looks like I am taking Monday off.

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The Cincy show was amazing.. There weren't very many people there, which was super suprising because it was packed the same venue the year before..

It was a little slow starting off in my opinion, but they had me loving it by Sound 1.. That song is one of my all time favorites, as it was one of the first songs that got me loving the Biscuits..

The second set was absolutely crazy! Home Again is also a favorite of mine, and they rocked it out! Hot Air Balloon was intense, and everyone was going crazy because they were finishing it from the night before..

The Rock Candy > Run Like Hell > Rock Candy was also super intese! Their light show was freaking fantastic, and I sure was boogying my ass off..

I wasn't too excited about the Have a Cigar to start the encore, but when they pulled out Morph, I sure got pumped!

It was a great show, and I'm super excited I got to see them before jetting off to New Brunswick.. Baj and I will sadly be missing the Buffalo show, but we got one rockin' show in!

Hells yeah!


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